Are Men Needed Anymore in the Modern World?

Warning: potentially controversial content ahead! If you are happy with the way things are; that both men and women each know themselves and what they want, and how to get what they want without playing games, then this is not the article for you. If, however, you feel that there is a disconnect in how we perceive what women want and what men want, then read on. If you are in the first category, you need to WAKE UP!

Ok, enough intro stuff. Let me get to the point: Men in today’s world are confused. Most men feel lost as to what their purpose is in today’s.. today’s.. well.. EVERYTHING!

Take a moment to think about it: What do we do in the first 4 years of our lives? We play. We enjoy being kids, being boys and girls. We’re in the process of exploring ourselves, not our sexualities, necessarily, but our natural tendencies as masculine and feminine energies. We see boys being boys, i.e. imitating superheroes, pretending to be in battles, pretending to explore new frontiers, navigating dangerous situations, etc.

And girls being girls, they start to explore how relationships work, how families are kept together, some even begin to experiment with makeup and how to look good.

That’s what happens when we let those different energies flow. The formative years tend to show the primal side of the masculine and feminine energies. We’ll get to the feminine in another article, because that’s a whole seminar in itself.

Anyway, let’s zoom in on the boy for a moment. His life begins to deteriorate when he starts to go to school. I have seen this so many times it’s not even funny. There is a huge gap of understanding as to how to raise children and how it is actually done. Now, this is also a whole other article, but let me just touch on it here. I’ll just leave you with this quote for now: “We spend the first 2 years of a child’s life encouraging them to stand up and speak up, and the next 20 years telling them to sit down and shut up”. Nuff said!

So there he is, the poor boy. He was happy and carefree for a few years, and now he has to go to school. He doesn’t know why he has to go. Sure, he meets lots of new friends there, but he’s lost as to the whole reason why. “You’re just a kid” is what they tell him. “One day you’ll understand”. The thing is, the child is smart enough to know that he’s part of a plan that he didn’t agree to. I know. I was a boy once, too.

So well, whatever. He doesn’t want to go, but he loves his parents, so he goes anyway. So after more than a decade of school he’s told to look for a job, find a girl he likes, and get married, settle down.. you know the deal. Finding the girl part is a bit tricky at this point, since he’s been so emasculated at this point that he can barely say hi to a girl without looking AND feeling like a total dork.

So he gets a job he doesn’t like but pays well. gets married to the first girl who says yes because he’s too intimidated by the “dating game”, has a few kids, and that’s about the whole story of this man. And this would include most men since the Industrial Age.

So what’s wrong with this picture? Are you kidding me? It’s a MESS! I see too much of this going on that I just have to rant. And what better place to do so than in my own blog?

First off, let me lay it down real simply: The one and only thing that rejuvenates the Masculine energy is his Mission in Life. This is the most important thing to him. His MISSION. For some men, his mission is to build something great, like the Pyramids. Some set out to conquer new lands; think Napoleon, Alexander. Some men seek to understand and enjoy the Feminine forms, and thus become seducers, like Casanova. Some also want to build huge families; we call them family men.

But here’s the thing: for a Man to take his Mission seriously, it must be of his own choosing. It is HIS decision. See the problem here? Let’s bring it up: some men don’t want to raise a family for the rest of their lives. They’re just doing what’s expected of them, because they have no choice. Women, on the other hand, have it in their anatomy. They feel complete when they are “penetrated” by a Man they respect, first emotionally then physically, and they devote themselves to the result of the union: the Children.

I know, this is not what anyone wants to hear, but I will be the asshole, and the one who will say it: The MOST important thing for a Man in his life is NOT his family, but his MISSION in life; the one he chose for himself. More about this can be found in David Deida’s material. I highly recommend his book, The Way of The Superior Man, also available in ebook form.

I am highly passionate in this subject matter because, well, I’m a guy. What do I want as a guy? To contribute as a guy, which is to use the Masculine energy of single-minded focus to explore new territories, unearth mysteries, new frontiers. And when needed, to use those masculine energies to protect whatever progress that’s already made. And this requires a broader scope of vision than just the basic family unit, although that is important too.

What we fail to realize as a society is the fact that no matter how successful a man is in any roles expected of him, he will never be truly happy unless he fulfils his own Mission in life.

So then we have this domestication of men, who are expected to play it safe, get a steady job, and raise and nurture his kids. I would like to point out here that “safe”, “steady”, and “nurture” are all feminine words. Even the way a Man raises his children is being dictated by society to the feminine standard. Be safe, don’t go too far, don’t get hurt. You hardly ever tell this to a girl because she knows this from instinct. A boy would feel like he’s being held back from being who he’s supposed to be.

Notice how boys don’t want to hold their parents’ hands when they cross the street. In fact, they’ll try to break free and go first before anyone else. Standard masculine behaviour. They get even more confused when their own dad tells them to act like a girl. The only role model in their early lives, and they are more masculine than their own fathers. Funny thing is, the dads probably want to join in with their kids and be boys again, but you know how that’ll turn out.

It is well-known in physics that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. That begs the question: where does all the masculine energy go? I’m glad you asked. Depending on the upbringing, either they overcompensate within the law or they do it outside the law. Either way, they overcompensate.

Consider a friend I have who is Christian and highly religious. Never misses Church. He comes with the symptoms typical in most people from the Abrahamic religions: suppressed sexuality, being too polite, too opinionated, etc. He maintains his good, polite manners most of the time – the typical Nice Guy. Can’t say no, doesn’t assert himself. The excess energy only comes out when he talks about a few things: politics – since he is unable to assert himself and has a fragile ego, he can’t be vulnerable and only talks about stuff that is outside himself.

That way, he can say anything he wants and not be accountable for shit. Music, because he played in Church since he was a boy, but sticks to one genre, and all other genres are worthless. Sexual misogyny: he talks about women and how he never understands them, and they are always out to manipulate and hurt him, blah blah blah.. It’s a shame because he is quite a talented guy and a great guy. I’ll get into religion soon enough. This will be a free-for-all, I promise.

Then there’s my brother-in-law who can’t get his shit together. He quit his job 2 years ago to start his own business. The reason he gave was because he wanted more freedom. The actions he took told us that he just has a problem with authority figures. He has no discipline in building the business, not accountable to anyone at all for any kind of progress at all. His wife ends up paying the bills to support their 3 children.

He always mocks his wife when she comes home from work, saying that she is wasting her life slaving away at the corporate world. Thankfully he is sufficiently brainwashed by his Muslim faith, otherwise there’s no telling what other stuff he might get into.

The only reason they can survive is because they stay at the parents’ house, and the parents help out with taking care of the children. My parents in-law have huge hangups when it comes to confrontation and conflict resolution, but again, that’s on the list.

These are the symptoms that the feminists point to when they make their case of “There are no more good men left in the world”. What they fail to realize is that it is a symptom of a bigger problem, not the problem itself. The problem here is that we have lost touch with ourselves, both masculine and feminine, and we managed to mix everything up.

The feminist movement was brought about by the above examples of men who can’t get their shit together. The girls found themselves with men who not only couldn’t help himself, but also turning his rage onto his family. Which is the easiest prey in the world. Suppressed masculinity at its worst. I can’t take on the world, but I can beat up my wife and kids. The women had no choice but to leave the men, and to take on the role of men themselves.

Which brings us to this stage in our non-development, in which women are overly masculine in the workplace because that’s the only way your voice can be heard in a testosterone-filled environment. And then when they get home they rebound into turbo-charged feminine and expect to be seduced and afterwords ravished by a strong masculine – only to find a half-girl in a guy’s body. Remember how the energy needs to get out somehow? Enter the overcompensating feminine: nagging, ball-busting, emotional blackmail, all signs of an unsatisfied feminine.

Are men needed anymore in the world? Ladies, do you want a man to walk up to you, penetrate your world with his words, and overwhelm you with emotions to the point of surrender? Guys, do you want to be revel in the knowledge that you can go up to any woman and be free to express yourself sexually, emotionally, and spiritually (yes, in that order) and not be fazed by the fact that she might not fancy you?

The seduction community arose because of this. Men want to “get it”. They want to know how to relate to women and how to enjoy each other freely and pleasurably, be it sexually or otherwise. Women tend to have doubts about the seduction community but think about this: if the guys going to seduction seminars only wanted sex, for what they pay for those seminars, they could just go to Amsterdam and fuck the girls there until they’re blue in the balls.

Most of us know that something is wrong with the way things are, but we just can’t figure out what exactly. A small minority have got this handled, and it is my goal with this post to kickstart a conversation around this, and hopefully we can move on to “win-win” society as opposed to the “gender wars” society that we have going now. We’ll have lots of sex, we’ll explore different kinds of relationships, we’ll just have lots of fun together, and nobody has to lose.

Thanks, and please share this and spread the word. The time is NOW!

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